50th Anniversary Steering Committee: If you have any questions or suggestions about GCC Anniversary, please feel free to send them an email.

Diane D. Torcello- Anniversary Co-Chair, Chair, GCC Board of Trustees

M. Richard Dudkowski- Anniversary Co-Chair, Professor, Fashion Business, MRDudkowski@genesee.edu

Meredith Altman– Professor Mathematics, mlaltman@genesee.edu

Julie Caswell-Directory of Environmental Health and Safety, jacaswell@genesee.edu 

Serena Cooke– Online Learning Coordinator, srcooke@genesee.edu

Cathy Costello– Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, cecostello@genesee.edu

Mike Crittenden– Professor Physics, macrittenden@genesee.edu

Elizabeth Downie – Secretary, esdownie@genesee.edu

Jamie Edwards– Career Services Coordinator, jlchappius@gensee.edu

Richard Ensman– Director of External Affairs, rgensman@genesee.edu

Anne Feary– College Services Specialist, amfeary@genesee.edu

Marymagdalen (Maggie) Gabalski– Student Trustee for 2015-2016, mgabals1@my.genesee.edu

Becky Green Recruitment Communications Technical Specialist, rlgreen@genesee.edu

Michelle Held– Director of Annual Fund, mlslawiak@genesee.edu

Patty Hume– Executive Secretary, pahume@genesee.edu   

Becky Michalak– Data Entry Clerk, rjmichalak@genesee.edu

Donna Rae SutherlandAssociate Director of Marketing Communications, dsutherland@genesee.edu

Garth Swanson– Professor History, gpswanson@genesee.edu

Staci Williams– Child Care Center Director, slwilliams@genesee.edu